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Standing Desk StandFit offers many reliable features to offer you a more comfortable, healthy and productive work environment.

StandFit Standing Desk

Environmentally Minded

Sustaining our environment through responsible and environmentally-friendly practices is an achievable goal. All of our USA made work surfaces meet the FSC (Forrest Stewardship Council) certification which assists in achieving points for LEED certification.

Our USA made work surfaces are produced with no added urea formaldehyde resins which qualify for additional LEED points, and is certified to meet the strict emissions standards set by (CARB) the California Air Resource Board.

StandFit Standing Desk Benefits

StandFit Standing Desk is also offered in 3D Rigid Thermofoil Work Surface

Our 3D laminate table tops are the industry’s premiere laminate for home office, office and medical work-surfaces are a rigid thermofoil (RTF) that are vacuum-formed to contouredto our designed surface profiles. This eliminates the need for T-molding, edgebanding, visible seams and special edge treatments that are the issue with standard laminate work-surfaces.

Our 3D laminates table tops offer a high level of durability than standard laminates, with added impact, marring and abrasion resistance as well as improved stain resistance.

StandFit Standing Height Adjustable Desk

Energy Saving

Save energy with our Green Friendly Electronic Base. A number of desks burn 0.2 Watts per hour, while the StandFit Deskhibernates within seconds of reaching your desired height range, thus using a minuscule 0.06 Watts per hour. Less power consumption means lowers costs. And it is better for the environment.

Adjustable Height Desk WorkStation

Whisper Quiet

The StandFit Standing Desk is one of the quietest electric desks in the market. Its decibel level rates between 37dB and 41dB (considered equivalent to a quiet whisper/low ambient library noise) compared to some popular brands that can reach up to 70dB (considered equivalent to a vacuum cleaner). Perfect for office environments or open collaborative space areas.


Built Solid

Our engineers have mastered both the elegance of the desk, while developing a sturdy smooth gliding lifting actuator and legs. It’s important to have a solid reliable desks for years and years of use. The StandFit Standing Desk offers over 800 Newtons (356lbs.) Lifting Power.

Adjustable Height Desk WorkStation




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